A cordial welcome!

My open arms cross yours and together unfold, like wings; a gift of the Love ready to Welcome, Serving, take Care the Identity of the true humanism, that has been entrusted to us in Jesus Christ. If you’ve chosen this site, I think you love open pastures, in obedience to that “go” given by the Lord to all his disciples and to all people of good will. Pope Francis reminds us constantly with the invitation to be witness of a “Church open to the world”.

Let’s join, with our open arms and hands, signs of the “inevitable and undeniable” Love given to us, that we know well. In this way, we’ll look like gulfs opened to any distress and need to convey that unique joy, which the Father reserves to His children, who engage in His Son.

You are a beautiful God’s gift that we want to highlight and thank through Christ, our only Lord. Feel welcomed in a big hug that wants to express that you were waiting only for who you are and for the energies that you’ll share with us.

It’s time to express a Love in a true and authentic volunteer, with the freedom “that shines in the humility and pursues the glory of God and not ours”. Welcome with this “Faith that is revolutionary and find force in the Spirit”.

We expect you, we hope to meet you, to talk together, to know each other, to build and experience together a new humanity.



Mainly meaning relation, affective and steady relation: “to stay with and trust to become (like) Him”, Who’s Love, love that’s and gives trust.


Trust whence springs unavoidably the loving assent to receive every creature like your brother with a contagious joy so as to draw paths of peace, that arises from Him.


He comes to serve and donates his life. He takes care and engage mankind with His love and in this way we serve the deepest and essential human needs, free and without ulterior purposes like his sons.


Sons who loves Him with all their heart, mind, soul and strength and will be able to promote and to reveal the deeply and intimate nature and identity of man.


Identity of the New Man proved in Jesus Christ, our God who incarnates and changes the mankind, generating and feeding the new evangelization in the power of Holy Spirit.

"In the beginning was the Word" axiom not theoretical , but thought the incarnation and the Word of God.
So in Christ all becomes relationship , communion presupposes and requires confidence.