Our days live, as never before, the refusal of the gift of confidence: the globalization of indifference and fear – originated by the implosion of humanism and characterized by a heightened subjectivism which – make man forget who he really is the “man”. Much needed, therefore, are people able to live their humanity in Christ to make memory of man to man.

That’s why the P.A.S.C.I. (Prayer-Hospitality-Service-Culture-Identity) men and women – who serve the person – that is focused on listening, welcome and accompaniment.

The association is open to people of all ages and conditions, new Abraham and Joseph, new Martha and Mary, who refuse to be discouraged by weariness, fear and betrayal; God reveals himself going towards the man, “God is for man. Man is the periphery towards which God goes through Jesus Christ”.

We expect you to share short or long walks, animated by the desire to meet the needs and difficulties of others; starting from those of our “neighbor” to those of distant places, such as the Holy Land and the adjacent nations – where God chose the patriarchs and prophets – and like the other mission areas. You can make available your time, what you are able to do and your presence-person to implement projects that aim to meet all the “suburbs”, in their multiple forms.

We want to become humble agents of the history of salvation today – driven by the beauty, generated by love and truth, proved in Christ Jesus – able to act as active builders of human and cultural bridges, concrete levees for the imperialism of indifference and fear.

We welcome the people and families of the P.A.S.C.I., men of good will, Christian and not, wishful to share the authentic needs of the brothers and to rebuild the broken bond of trust in the human, inseparably united to the one in God.