don Lanfranco Casali


“In the beginning was the Word”, the incarnation of thought, spirit and the word of Lord, so in Christ all becomes relationship and communion, which require trust.

My life, enriched by the pastoral experience, loved wonder in front of the man and the contexts of existence; wonder (Thoma, amazement that was born in growing up together) that is the result of an education that prepared and opened me to the trust and to the otherness towards every person and the Other. The human has given me confidence and I assimilated and understood the confidence of the Donor, making living and fruitful memory of the gift received.

Educated to be with the man, I learned to be with Lord and, from the community with Him, I loved the multiple, mysterious and ever new forms of evangelization that come from Him, through the human being. The Church, mother and teacher, tenderly embraced me and strongly formed me to express everything through his skillful ability to prune, exhort, welcome and increase.

Fed from that original trust, I had done the experiences of Joseph, Jacob and now that of Abraham: men inspired by faith in God and anticipative signs of the new man, Jesus that, if heard and received, renews, even today, every person, in offering him the confidence and the friendship of the Father, which is always for the man and with the man.

The path, that God gives to me, finds now is expression in P.A.S.C.I., where this relationship incarnates, that is nourished by the Word and expresses itself in making explicit the true Identity.